Family Photoshoot: The Perfect Studio & Family Photographer

The family photoshoot: Finding the perfect studio

The Family Photoshoot laying down

You’ve decided to get the family together for a photoshoot. Before your children grow much older, it’s time to capture this moment. You know there will be future memories, but before your child blossoms into an adult before your very eyes, you want to remember them just as they are today.

But How to Choose The Photographer And Studio That’s Right For You?

Well, it depends on what you want to capture? Something contrived? Or, a little more real, reflecting a genuine, unscripted moment in your journey as a family.

Of course, you want an experienced photographer. But how do you know? You could ask your friends, they might know, or of course, you could shop around on the internet, which is precisely what most of us do. It’s an excellent place to start. You’ll get a feel for the studio, the photographers and the kind of creative portraiture they can produce for you.

Best In Class Photographers

When deciding on a photographer you want the best, you want someone who has world-class experience and recognised and respected by their peers. We get this; it’s what we look for too. Then there are human qualities such as, how a photographer connects with their subject and those things that inspire them to creativity, that seem almost undefinable; but we know it when we see it. But there’s something more than the skill and passion of the photographer behind the camera, and it’s you.

Can The Photographer Capture Your Relationship?

When it comes to family portraits, the essence of your family connection is essential. The special relationship only you have, the love between you and, the fun you have when you’re all together? The playfulness and the bonds you share? A photographer experienced in the family photo shoot is looking for that thing that makes your family so unique. You know what it is, but how can it be captured in a photograph? How is this moment going to be remembered? Will you even be able to get beyond how nervous you feel?

You’ve Never Done This Before?

The thought of posing in front of a professional photographer is a little daunting, and your husband’s reluctant, and there’s never enough time. It all seems too difficult; hair, makeup, what to wear? If what you’re looking for is something natural and un-posed but still amazingly beautiful then sure, you may want to get a little help with your hair and makeup before the shoot, and we can advise you on what to wear well before the day of your family photo shoot. But, take the pressure off yourself, as this is about having fun with your family and capturing who you are, not another version of yourself that you may not even recognise. Don’t worry; even your husband will get into it and have some fun.

A Skilled Professional Photographer Will Put You At Ease

Our photographer is going to set the scene allowing you to relax and have fun all the while getting to know you and then, voilá before you know it, your specialness is captured and transformed into beautiful artwork that’s inspired by you and your family.

A great photographer will find the part of you that you want to express as a family. They know how important family is and love the warmth and emotion that can be inspired by a family photo shoot, creating artwork you’ll cherish forever.

A Location Shoot Versus In The Studio

Choosing a studio as the location means there are no distractions, your family is the main event. Just being you, relaxed and having fun while our photographer observes you through the lens, the photoshoot evolves into precisely what you want it to be — living artwork. For us, it’s priceless, a family creating moments of genuine connection in front of our very eyes.

Coming Back To Verve Portraits For The Big Reveal

Very soon after your family photo shoot, you’ll be invited back to view your portraits. Once again, a relaxed and fun experience where you get to see the best of the photoshoot and decide on the images you’d like to turn into artwork for your home. You’ll love the Verve Experience from beginning to end, wondering when you can go back and do it all over again.

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