Dear Mum here's why We Want You in the Photo Shoot Too

Dear Mum, here’s why we want you in the photos too.

Motherhood photoshoot
Dear Mum here’s why we want you in the photo too.

To the dearest Mums reading these words…
When it comes to having your photo taken, we know how easy it can be, to become hyper-judgemental about ourselves and the skin we’re in.

Dear Mum here’s why we want you in the photo too.

That critical inner voice can often override any desire to get photographs of ourselves taken. We know how this feels, because we’ve felt it too. Preferring to be behind the camera, rather than in front of it. But we don’t want you to miss out Mum, and that’s why we’re writing this.

Knowing how you felt when it came to being photographed, it became our mission at Verve to put a new belief in place instead. To ensure that every single soul that enters through our studio doors, drop those inhibitions and has the same opportunity to be captured with your children so that you too, can enjoy and cherish those moments together.

You are deserving of that moment. We want your portrait session to be a time where you feel free, and gorgeous, and FIERCE. Because you deserve that, we want that for you. We want to facilitate a new mindset that allows you to know just how powerful having your photo taken can be, for your children, for the sake of your family memories, and to have those moments captured in time to look back on and cherish.

Dear Mum here’s why we want you in the photo, too.

Let us tell you why it’s so important to us…

Motherhood photoshoot

Even if you don’t feel like it now, you will want these images in years to come.

Dear Mum here’s why we want you in the photo too. The vision of hindsight is often 20/20, and we feel this rings so true in this scenario. Although on this day, you may not want to look at photographs of yourself, the value of memories in photos will increase over time. Think of how much you treasure that photo of yourself and your parents at a young age, what it means to you to have that incredible memory to have in your hands and to hold. In years to come, your children will feel the same way about their photos with you.

Mum joining in on the photo is extra special. Having these photographic memories to look back on is truly precious.

You are more special to them than you know.

From photographing thousands of families over the years, our Verve Portraits team know as parents, just how hard we can be on ourselves. Although that critical inner voice may be running rampant, we are here to remind you that your children see you as absolutely incredible. They don’t see your flaws, or the things you see. They see their Mum. The one that is there for them, protecting them, the one that loves them and makes their favourite spaghetti. To them, you are everything.

Mums joining in for the family photo with their children is sadly uncommon. These precious photographs are why we at verve portraits think it's so important for Mums to join in on the photo too.

Because they grow up so fast.

It sounds cliche to say, but the days are long and the years are fast in young parenthood. At the time, it feels as though certain stages may last forever, and before we know it we are parents to school-aged children! Capturing those fleeting moments of childhood wonder, means you will have those moments and memories to treasure forever in your own home, even once they are big and grown.

Dear Mum here's why we want you in the photo too. The family photography beauty that results in Mum's joining in for the photo- truly incredible.

Images of you will be important during hard times.

Below is a quote from Naomi speaking about the photographs from her third portrait session at Verve, after having experienced an unexpectedly difficult twelve months:

“It’s been particularly important to us. I’m a single parent, to my daughter. And in the last twelve months, I got cancer. I’m in remission now, which is great. But, it really showed me what’s important. (Speaking of her images) Honestly, it’s like therapy! I look at it, and it physically affects my body, my heart. That connection, is the only thing that’s important.There’s something special when you first hang, the artwork on the walls, because the whole room changes. It changed everything in the room.”

Mother and baby having a beautiful family moment during their Verve Portraits family photo session.

Their memories should include you.

I know personally, looking back on images of my childhood is a great way to help remember what activities we did, the kinds of adventures we went on, the mischief we got up to! But unfortunately, my own Mum is in hardly any of the photos. I would so dearly love to have known more about her from back then, what was her style like? How did she wear her hair? What colour lipstick did she put on?

The memories consist of myself and my siblings, but Mum is seldom included. I would love for my childhood photos to speak more of how our life really was back then- which is with Mum all the time, enjoying her company and loving her every single day.

Looking back

Have you ever looked back on photos of yourself as a teenager and thought “Wow, I look incredible! Why did I ever not think I looked amazing? Check me out in this photo!”

Although at the same, we focused on our flaws just as we do now. What if we looked at ourselves today-right now, the way we do looking back at old photos? What if we took the leap and let someone take our photo today, knowing our flaws are magnified only by ourselves?

Dear Mum here's why we want you to be in the photo too. We don’t want you to miss out Mum, and that’s why we’re writing this.

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