What to wear to a family photoshoot

Multi-generational photo shoot

Want to know what to wear to a family photoshoot? We’ve got you. Whether you have an energetic two year old, a wee little newborn, a pair of too-cool-for-school teens or college aged young adults; putting together a cohesive look for the brood is easier than you think! We’ve collated the essential tips, from our

Behind the scenes with Verve Portraits

Come behind the scenes with Verve Portraits. Nestled on a big cosy couch, the family gathers to listen to the photographer, getting ready for the experience before them to unfold. Excited and prepared, the session is starting and the memories are about to begin… We want to take you behind the door of our studios,

How to get that perfect group shot these holidays

We’re finally nearing the finish line for 2020 and wow, what a crazy wild ride of a year it has been for everyone, with many being separated in different states (or even continents!) to their loved ones. The distance has been difficult, however after a long season apart, now is the time many can come

An unforgettable experience

An Australian family-owned business extending from Fortitude Valley and Rushcutters bay, to South Melbourne and Surrey Hills, the Verve experience is a family experience, like no other. I sat down with with Verve founder Holly, on her journey building Verve portraits over it’s twelve years in operation, and what the business means to her and

How to elevate your portrait session and alleviate those nerves

Through years of developed expertise, practical knowledge and prowess, our photographers certainly know what it takes to create beautiful imagery. Photographs that not only look aesthetically stunning, but that also reflect the true character of the subjects, and the emotion within. Speaking of emotions – it’s very common to feel nerves arise a few days

Investing in your visual legacy


There is nothing more captivating than the visual poetry contained in a photograph. A candid moment captured forever is how we, as human beings, are able to transcend time and space. What makes print has the power to move us beyond words. When a photograph is taken, time stops. When that photograph is printed, time

The family photoshoot: Finding the perfect studio

The Family Photoshoot laying down

You’ve decided to get the family together for a photoshoot. Before your children grow much older, it’s time to capture this moment. You know there will be future memories, but before your child blossoms into an adult before your very eyes, you want to remember them just as they are today.   But How to