Investing in Your Visual Legacy - Verve Photo Studios
There is nothing more captivating than the visual poetry contained in a photograph. A candid moment captured forever is how we, as human beings, are able to transcend time and space. What makes print has the power to move us beyond words. When a photograph is taken, time stops. When that photograph is printed, time is no longer linear and we are transported. You have made history, then, now and into the future.
Consider your great, aunt’s cousin, twice removed, posing in 1858 in a corseted bustle dress with a frilly hat and a parasol. Her husband sits next her, equally suited up, Monacle in hand and looking just as dapper. The photograph is old, black and white, some details are obscured, but the importance of the moment is clear. This is a very special event. Something else you notice, her husband looks just like your oldest son. You can visually trace your lineage over almost 200 years.
Fast forward to now, you remember your grandmother’s photo wall growing up? You can see your parents as children, as teenagers, as young adults, as parents…And then there’s you. Aside from your personal memories, how do you know who or what you are growing up? How do you mark or celebrate growth, personal milestones, major life events? How do you document the changes you experience as you live and lead your life? How do you hand your memories, your story, to your children? How do you tell their story? With photographs. Personal, pivotal markers in time that register your existence, document your life and become pages in your own history book.
Now let’s apply a concept to this magical medium, let’s use the power of the photograph to tell a more nuanced story. Let’s document more than just each other’s faces. Let’s use the lens and the talent of your photographer to see things we don’t normally search for. Let’s capture a genuine sense of self. For example, let’s portray your daughter’s relationship to you at the exact moment in time when she is learning to recognise who you are. She is 6 month’s old. When you see an image of you cradling her in your arms, and she is gazing up into your eyes, you are witnessing something truly miraculous. She recognises you and in between that special connection is immeasurable trust. A sense of security beaming from her smile is met by a glowing sense of pride flowing from your eyes. Both these things might normally be invisible to the naked eye.

Jump ahead in time, lets visualise her character. She’s 6 and she’s sassy. She’s bossing everyone around, she’s a little leader in the making. You can see a close up of her face, her eyes are captivating. Let’s get a little closer. How does she relate to her older brother? Well obviously she adores him. You can see it, in this still of her looking up at him. His arms are folded, he looks a little smug, he is your eldest after all. In the background you and your partner share a moment. The camera can see the history you share, that special grace you hold for eachother, the teamwork is evident. Let’s pan out, Grandma & Grandpa are there, they’re having a whale of a time. The camera can see the gentle kindness in grandpas smile, the caring embrace is grandmas arms.

Amongst it all, there you are, in the thick of it, present now and in the future. When generations ahead gaze into this image, they will be able to hear the laughter. They will not only be able to be to see who you are, but ultimately, what you meant to eachother. Beyond your lineage, the photos we print tell us more about who and what we value. This kind of investment goes beyond material, it celebrates our humanity. The printed image let’s us hold our worth and our world in our hands.
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