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How to connect with customers in a disconnected age

In the age of Covid, as we’re all striving for connectivity, customers have never valued experience more. They want to feel connected, seen and heard. In fact, in a recent Forbes report, a huge 74 percent of those surveyed said they prioritize experiences over products.

So, what does this mean for product-based business in the modern era? Ultimately, as people begin to value life experiences more and more, the end to end customer journey has never been more important.

Our Verve Portraits corporate partnership gifting program, provides our select partners with the opportunity to extend a truly meaningful gift ‘experience’ to their customers. A verve experience allows the opportunity to come together as a family or couple at one of our luxe bespoke Australian studios, and take the time to truly reconnect with one another, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

These experiences are powerful, allowing customers to connect in a way that their busy day-to-day life often does not allow. We receive feedback from sessions telling us this is a “once in a lifetime experience” that has to be “experienced to truly understand.” These connections and the emotional resonance built after an experience like this, are then tied to your brand and are in the back of their mind for any future purchasing decisions. When brand’s go above and beyond, it creates an authentic relationship with the customer that they never forget.

‘95% of UK-based businesses believe that corporate gifting is a crucial part of their business strategy.’

According to Cartwright and Butler ​​in Britain, 95% of UK-based businesses believe that corporate gifting is a crucial part of their business strategy. They have a true understanding of the power and impact corporate gifting can have, and now Australian businesses are taking their lead.

With a true focus on customer experience, Verve Portraits brings family and connection to the forefront, whilst also making sure that we are really taking care of your customers throughout their portrait session process. From the very first email they receive with us, every piece of communication is thoughtfully created and curated, to ensure they have the best experience possible. Click here to find out more on our loyalty partnership program.

Through surprising and delighting your customers with a Verve portraits session to experience for themselves, you are not only gifting them with something unexpected, but also giving them another connection point to you as a brand. Something that will make them remember you, and come back time and time again as their loyalty and trust has been built with you in a solid way.

To find out more about the Verve Portraits corporate gifting program and how we can take you further in connecting with customers, get in touch with our corporate partnerships manager Isobel Doney via her LinkedIn page, or email [email protected].

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