Motherhood – An interview with Chontel Duncan


To celebrate this Mother’s Day, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Chontel Duncan for a one on one interview about her magical (and sometimes challenging) journey through motherhood and what it’s like raising a big family. Chontel is a personal trainer, gym owner, fitness influencer and self-confessed overall fitness lover. Yet not only

Is ‘balance’ as a busy mother a myth that needs busting?

Motherhood photoshoot

Is ‘balance’ as a busy mother a myth that needs busting? Accredited nutritionist, author, magazine columnist, whole-foods cook, and mum of two Jacqueline Alwill is definitely a perfect candidate for this very question! Jacqueline’s specialties include family and early childhood nutrition, gut health and functional food. She works closely with many organisations and companies such

Behind the scenes with Verve Portraits

Come behind the scenes with Verve Portraits. Nestled on a big cosy couch, the family gathers to listen to the photographer, getting ready for the experience before them to unfold. Excited and prepared, the session is starting and the memories are about to begin… We want to take you behind the door of our studios,

How to elevate your portrait session and alleviate those nerves

Through years of developed expertise, practical knowledge and prowess, our photographers certainly know what it takes to create beautiful imagery. Photographs that not only look aesthetically stunning, but that also reflect the true character of the subjects, and the emotion within. Speaking of emotions – it’s very common to feel nerves arise a few days

Investing in your visual legacy


There is nothing more captivating than the visual poetry contained in a photograph. A candid moment captured forever is how we, as human beings, are able to transcend time and space. What makes print has the power to move us beyond words. When a photograph is taken, time stops. When that photograph is printed, time

Let’s talk about Dad

Baby and dad photography

The other entity in the room in those first few weeks and months when you’re learning to adjust to this new world. You may not be able to see him yet, but you can hear him, you can smell him, you know, instinctually perhaps, when you are being held by him. He’s louder, perhaps his

How to choose the best style of newborn photography

Newborn Photography

The moment your baby arrived your life changed. The joy you’re feeling today is like no other. The rush of loving emotion in the first days and weeks after the arrival of your newborn is an unforgettable time in your life. This could be your first, and your emotions are running from fear and trepidation