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How to choose the best style of newborn photography

Newborn Photography

The moment your baby arrived your life changed. The joy you’re feeling today is like no other. The rush of loving emotion in the first days and weeks after the arrival of your newborn is an unforgettable time in your life. This could be your first, and your emotions are running from fear and trepidation to overflowing with love, or your newborn is a welcome addition to your growing family, and in an instant, you just can’t imagine what life was like before they arrived. You’re completely and utterly captivated.

Of course, the love never leaves you, but this moment will and you know you want to capture it and share your joy with family and friends. Your Instagram feed is bursting with your newborn’s image. This time can never be relived and is so precious and as your baby grows to a toddler and beyond, these early magical days will find their way into a special place in your memory.


Memories Are To Cherish And Look Back On

Remembering how they are today, this vulnerable, precious, unique little gift of joy. These are the times in your life you never want to forget. Looking back at our happiest moments is one of life’s great pleasures.

Capturing these moments with a photographer who understands newborn photography can be such a delightful experience with photographic images exactly how you imagined them to be.


But First, How Would You Like Your Baby Photographed?

There are two ways to photograph your newborn. There’s traditional photography or modern and contemporary. You may be asking, what’s the difference? Well, for us the difference is significant and will determine how you’d like these first few days of your newborn’s life to be remembered.


Traditional Photography: Choosing The Perfect Pose

Bundling your baby up into the perfect pose may be how you’d like to capture your newborn. This is a more traditional form of baby photography, where your baby is carefully posed. There was a time when traditional photography would have your newborn atop a pumpkin or curled up in a peapod. It’s not for everyone, and it may not be for you, but you still like the idea of your baby reflected in the peaceful oblivion of sleep, but a pumpkin? Maybe not so much, but nestled in the comfort of a beautifully hand-knitted throw or with a family heirloom with significance only your family shares could be perfect.

With the right photographer, you can capture the perfect pose for your baby in a way that reflects a more modern take on the traditional pose. But it’s not the only way to capture these sweet moments.


Contemporary Photography: Capturing The Bonds Of Love

You could decide on a more contemporary photography experience and choose to pose with your baby. This is a candid way of reflecting the love and emotion between you and your family. This type of modern photography can truly capture the early bonding between parent and child. Not only will you have beautiful newborn artwork to adorn the walls of your family home and to gift to loved ones, but the whole Verve Experience is unforgettable and one to be treasured just as much as the photos you choose.


When Is The Right Time to Photograph Your Newborn?

Of course, you could wait until they’re a little older, but the first 10 days is magical and overflowing with emotion. A time never to be forgotten. Your Verve Photographer can capture these special moments while understanding the challenges of newborn photography and will not only help you choose the right photographic experience for you and your baby but will schedule a full 3-hour session to allow time for feeding and sleeping if needed. Our studios are perfectly climate controlled so you and your newborn will feel comfortable at all times and have a wonderful experience.

There is no doubt in the weeks and months ahead there will be chaos, there will be many a sleepless night, but right now, in this beautiful moment, we’re capturing your bliss and how you felt in those very first days of love.

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