Perfect Artwork for Home, Professional Photos are the Key

How to match the perfect artwork for your home


They promised they’d call and they did. A few days earlier you’d booked in for a Verve experience, but then what? With no idea what to expect, this call was to be your guiding photographic light. The Verve team began by asking you questions. What colours do you have in your home? What’s the style of your home decor? Do you have a wall where you’d like to hang the artwork? How big is the area?

To be honest, even though you knew you’d get the call, you hadn’t thought any of this through, at all! So it was with some relief when your Stylist gently guided you through the Verve Experience. Perhaps you’d never thought of Fine Art Photography as the perfect way to put your personality into your home? Creating an atmosphere that not only reflects what you’re most proud of but also your very own sense of style.

Once off the call, and with a renewed sense of your individuality, you started to think about your home, your style, where your photographic artwork could reside and how it could be the focal point of the room.

When decorating your home, it’s the fine details that can bring it all together. Cushions, rugs and lamps will complement your interiors, but it’s your wall art which can be the centrepiece in a room bringing movement and life, lifting what may have been an otherwise drab and boring wall into something quite special. Changing the dynamic of the room in ways you really could not have imagined.


This Is Your Story On The Wall As A Beautiful Piece Of Fine Art

The Verve Experience doesn’t stop once the lights go down. In fact, it’s just the beginning. It’s now time to turn your moments into memorable photographic artwork to adorn the walls of your home.

Is it a cherished image of you and your partner and will sit perfectly in your bedroom? Or, is it photographic artwork that captures the true essence of your family and deserves pride of place in the living room? Take a look around your home and imagine where you’d like your artwork to reside.


Size Really Does Count: Measure Up

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to hang your artwork, the next thing to do is make sure the size of the wall is in proportion to the size of the artwork you choose. By measuring up the area and taking note of where on the wall you’d like it positioned, you’ll have a much better idea of the size your artwork should be. Is it going to hang above the sofa or to the left or right or is it standing alone in a specific position? You could even take pictures of the space and living area along with the measurements of the wall so that when you arrive on the day of your Verve experience, our stylists will be better equipped to offer advice.


What Are Your Colours? Neutral or Vibrant?

You may not think any of this matters, but when it comes to hanging wall art, the colours of your room can make a dramatic difference. If the room has neutral coloured walls and furniture, then a splash of colour can lift the whole room. Or equally, if you have vibrant colours in your room, then a more muted choice of colours in your photographs would be better suited to your space ensuring your photographic artwork isn’t lost amongst other colours in the room. Once again, rest assured we can guide you through all of this.


What’s Your Style? Classic, Casual, Playful, Formal: Choosing Your Artwork

Immediately after your Verve experience, you’ll be booked back in at a time that suits you to view your beautiful Verve Images. It’s time to choose the photographs you love and the type of artwork that will best showcase them. Considering your personal style and what inspires you will help when deciding on the kind of premium artwork you’d like. It could be the casual style of a big bold Canvas or something more formal and traditional like our Classic frames. For a contemporary look, Verve’s Arctic Block is perfect for small spaces positioned on a side cabinet amongst other treasured items or, if mixing traditional and modern appeals to you then maybe, our Manhattan range is perfect for you.

The possibilities are endless, and you can view our entire artwork range on our website before you come in for your Verve experience. But don’t worry if you’re undecided, the Verve team will guide you through a variety of artwork options and help you make the perfect choice that’s just right for your home.

Verve is more than a photographic studio, it’s an experience in capturing moments and turning them into memories and photographic portraits into fine art. We love what we do, and we know of no better way to capture who you are than a beautifully crafted piece of premium artwork from Verve Portraits.

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