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The importance of investing in your family’s visual legacy

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A photograph speaks a thousand words.

We’ve all heard the old and well-known adage: ‘A photograph speaks a thousand words’- but now with trillions of images being taken per year in the digital age, do these words still ring true? Are photographs still as powerful as they once were- Does one, single image have the ability to speak volumes?

Kira Pollack, director of photography and visual enterprise at Time Magazine says YES. In a 2017 Ted X Talk Kira said:

“I believe that a photograph, a still image…Has an extraordinary power. It has the ability, to brand itself on the back of your brain, and to distill down a scene, to one split second.”

When it comes to a family legacy, our lasting memories of moments and people- our photographs become some of the most powerful visual and emotive tools we possess. As we become older, and our memory of certain moments in time begin to fade, a photograph can brand that memory on our minds, drawing forth vivid recollections of experiences long gone.

Not only does photography transcend time, it also allows us to be connected to the stories of our own families. Stories that have taken place long before us- allowing us to learn from their journeys, joining us together with our history and ancestry.

Your family legacy.

In a 2015 youtube film on the stories we leave behind, 95 year old husband, grandfather and friend Joe Bucholt asked the question: What legacy will you live?
In the film, Joe speaks of a book he created for his grandchildren and family to be passed down through their generations, that tells his story and consists of photographs from his life and experiences. He believes photographs are some of the most valuable things you can pass down.

“One of my objectives, (for my grandchildren), is for them to know, where they’re from, and the people that they’re from. I’m leaving them with values, and I’m leaving them with hundreds of photographs...All of which are very valuable to me. You can’t put a price on that, they’re...Very meaningful.”

Often we find the idea of speaking about what we will leave behind somewhat morbid, however we believe this concept all-the-more heightens the way we embrace and live our everyday lives.

The 80-year-old test

Hamish Blake, Australian comedian ex-radio announcer and podcast host speaks on this theory being called the ‘80 year old test’

“By being aware, and being conscious everyday, that they (your children)will never be this little- and that they will never be here in this exact moment again. It forces you to pay attention to the present.”

He said on Shameless podcast in September 2020.

On ‘Wilosophy’ with Will Anderson, Hamish elaborates on his theory further:

“I’m a bit obsessed with the belief of going ‘if i was 80, what would I give to be back in this moment?”

Basically, even if you’re a bit sick, or a bit tired, think about how much you’d give to go back to this very moment and live it again. I am 36, my kids are babies – and I just know I’d give everything. I’d give all the money in the world, to be back right here in this moment, because we will never get this chance to live this moment again. It makes every moment with my kids super valuable.”

Taking in each one of our experiences as we have them, and capturing memories as we are living them- allows us to have cherished moments in time to look back on once those moments have passed. Hamish continues:

“…You don’t have as much time as you think, and you’re probably not spending it the way you think you’re spending it.” For me, it’s about memory making…I really believe my core life philosophy is about creating the best memories and the best inputs for people around me, and for my kids.”

It’s a balance each day between checking off our to-do lists and being present for the people in our lives, however capturing photographs and instilling those memories, allows us to heighten this experience even further. And create treasured moments to look back upon, knowing we embraced the present when we could.

The gift of storytelling.

We at verve believe that a photograph or series of images take us far beyond simply the moment we are in. They allows us to pass stories on, to gift stories to those that come after us, and long after we’re gone. Photographs also allow those who we are telling our stories to, to truly connect with what we’re saying and be transported into those moments right along with us. I’ve seen photos of my great grandparents when I was a newborn baby, feeling like I was there in the room beside them, and I otherwise would have no recollection of those moments at all.
My family have framed portraits of my grandmother on her wedding day, that allow me to have a greater depth of understanding into the type of woman she was. We have seen families come into our studios and connect on such deep levels with one another, as the shared experience of creating memories they can treasure for a lifetime, is more powerful than they expected it to be.

Our mission.

Our mission at Verve, is to help facilitate those beautiful moments. Moments of true connection. In an age when we are often so focused on what’s to come, we are changing the status quo by encouraging people to enter into the present moment with us. To watch as with the snap of the camera, moments are captured and time stands still, even if just for one frame.
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