The Benefits of an In-Studio Photoshoot at Verve Portraits.

The benefits of an in-studio photo shoot

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What are the the benefits of an in-studio photo-shoot at Verve Portraits? At Verve, we pride ourselves on providing memorable photography experiences and truly personalised, creative imagery. For many of our guests this is the first time having a professional studio shoot and they want to know what they can expect.  We also get asked a lot what the key differences are between a studio shoot and an at-home shoot, so we have broken it down for you.

Stylised spaces full of warmth.

A curated space that is all set up for you, rather than shooting in your home has many great benefits. Firstly you don’t need to prepare it ahead of the shoot to be perfectly clean and tidy.

We prepare and style our spaces to be ready for you, so you can simply walk in and enjoy stress-free. From the moment you walk through the doors and leave the outside world behind, it’s all about you and your family. World’s apart from a stark, cold or corporate feeling studio, we have curated spaces that provide a sense of belonging and warmth as if you were right at home.

With an abundance of comfortable yet modern and sleek furnishings such as cosy daybeds you will want to sink into and never get out of, our decor simply ‘hugs you’. Each element of our studios have been thoughtfully designed and curated, to give you the most relaxing and luxurious session possible.

Studio lighting.

Every one of our photography studios is professionally lit, containing the best lighting technology that allows for full control over the final result, no matter the time of day. This means we are not weather dependent and can cater for all schedules. We offer our studio sessions from 9am – 9pm most weekdays and every weekend, so there is a session time for everybody! 

A big point of difference at Verve, is that we create imagery that suits your interior and personal style preferences. If you have a light, bright home then we will shoot with appropriate lighting to achieve this. If you are after imagery that is more dramatic or bold, we can customise the lighting to suit. There is so much flexibility when shooting within a studio. High key lighting creates really fresh imagery, whereas low key lighting results in a more moody imagery that works beautifully for black and white. Our lighting is also designed to be flattering! The lighting is more strong and forgiving than sunlight, ensuring you look your best whilst also minimising any lines and shadows.

Be indulged and celebrated with our creature comforts.

The Experience of visiting a studio is one to remember. Be indulged by our team and step outside of your familiar walls. The children LOVE it and usually don’t want to leave. It also allows the parents to disconnect from the outside world and be totally present with their family, focussing on creating some very special memories.

We provide all the creature comforts to make your time with us as enjoyable and as enriching as possible. We know your time is valuable, therefore we are passionate about ensuring your session with us is extra-special. Are you celebrating a milestone such as a special occasion or birthday? Perhaps you have a new addition to the family, a newborn or a new pet! Whether it’s a couple’s portrait session for you and your partner, or you’re celebrating 3 or 4 generations of family coming together… We will be ready to pop the champagne in your honour!

Alternatively, you can order a complimentary coffee from our Verve cafe made in-house. Whilst you wait take a walk through our studio gallery. A dedicated showcase depicting many joyful family moments upon our walls. Here in the gallery, you can gather inspiration for your own shoot. Enjoy a sneak peek at our luxe range of Australian-made and handcrafted frames.

From start to finish.

Our images are thoughtfully shot, designed and edited all in-house. This means that we hold the reins over every step of the photography and creative process. Shooting within a Studio allows creative freedom and the use of lighting, backdrops and props meaning the imagery we capture works well in the home and on the walls. We also take the hassle out of printing and framing the artwork, meaning the images won’t end up on a hard drive for many years to come.  We handcraft the artwork ready to be displayed and enjoyed in your home and offer a complimentary home delivery service.

Press ‘pause’ in one of four spaces across Australia.

Our four curated spaces across Australia are based in South Melbourne and Surrey Hills Victoria, Fortitude Valley in Queensland and finally Rush cutters Bay in New South Wales. We selected these locations to allow accessibility for people right across the East Coast. Having our own spaces allows us complete creative freedom and control of how and what we develop for you. 

Our spaces give the opportunity to take time out with no distraction, no phones and no outside world.  Just for a moment in time. The benefits of an in-studio photo-shoot are truly endless. A beautiful chance to simply be together, and create some incredible memories whilst enjoying each other’s company. 

Come and press pause for a 90 minute session with us, we’ll take care of the rest. 

See you soon x

For more beautiful Verve imagery like these photographs above, head to our website gallery here. You can also follow us on Instagram @verveportraits.

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