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The company values that make our photographs so special

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Our Verve team is made up of passionate storytellers who love creating and telling true, authentic stories. At the heart of all that we do, and at the heart of each of our people, is our core values. These are the company values that make our photographs so special.

As a family-owned business these values mean everything to us.  It is these values that shape all of our actions and goals both now and into the future.

We’d love to share these important values with you, so you can truly get to the heart of what’s really meaningful to us as a family business.

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”

Elvis Presley


Verve is a family-oriented and family driven business. We understand the importance of family, and are committed to creating the right space to document and honour these relationships. Our business is run with family ideals always front and centre. This makes capturing these moments for other families all the more precious. Family to us is about connection, loyalty, patience, inclusion, love and so much more. Over our 14+ years in business, we have had the honour of photographing so many diverse and unique types of families. We have spent these years documenting so many incredible and awe-inspiring moments. We believe that every family deserves to have their story told.



Our process requires vulnerability and intimacy. For many coming into our studios, it is their very first time having a portrait shoot, and it means trust from both sides. It can be an experience of vulnerability, of unfamiliarity. Through these new and open feelings, we want everyone to feel as if they have had the experience of a lifetime. Fostering our customers’ trust in our creativity is a key step in allowing them to open up to us. This is what creates such authentic and beautiful imagery as our final result because we know what it takes to create a real and genuine moment.


We’re a collective of artists who share the same love of capturing human connection and individuality in a unique and creative way. We value this creativity by giving freedom of expression and interpretation to our creatives. We have carefully selected our photography team based on their experience, but also their ability to think outside the box. To see things differently. This ability of our team to relate and capture the heart of people is second to none. Because of this, every one of our hand-picked creative team brings forth their own unique style to every single session they capture.


Photography is about celebrating the unique connection between people. Therefore as a business we celebrate differences, support equality and promote all love above all else. This is across both our very own Verve team, and also the guests we photograph. Every and any kind of individual, couple, or family dynamic is welcome in our studio spaces.



Just as we find fulfilment in the quality of the work we create, we want every family to feel a sense of fulfilment with us. Fulfilment in seeing a tangible memory of their unique Verve experience. We often hear from our guests that the experience of the photo session was the most impacting experience. The type of experience that they never expected. It is frequently their favourite part of the entire process. What seems like ‘just a photo shoot’ becomes so much more. These moments they experience are ones they treasure and cherish for the rest of their lives. Quality time together without distraction holds so much value, and it is an opportunity to connect in this fast-moving digital age.



Verve photographers are passionate visual storytellers. Therefore, they know the importance of capturing the essence of relationships and connection. The moments captured today will one day be a story shared and retold, for years to come. Having your story told isn’t simply about capturing your photograph, but about having your voice heard. This value is about ensuring that the ‘true you’ is brought to life, and there is nothing more powerful than that.

Every member of our team upholds these core values, as a part of our wider Verve family. This ensures that when you come to Verve, you can know what to expect. You can see the heart of what we are creating. We hope that showcasing these values allows you to see the human side of Verve. Furthermore, to see the type of experience that you are guaranteed to receive when you come for a visit with us.

Team Verve x

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