The family photoshoot: Finding the perfect studio

The Family Photoshoot laying down

You’ve decided to get the family together for a photoshoot. Before your children grow much older, it’s time to capture this moment. You know there will be future memories, but before your child blossoms into an adult before your very eyes, you want to remember them just as they are today.   But How to

How to match the perfect artwork for your home


They promised they’d call and they did. A few days earlier you’d booked in for a Verve experience, but then what? With no idea what to expect, this call was to be your guiding photographic light. The Verve team began by asking you questions. What colours do you have in your home? What’s the style

How to choose the best style of newborn photography

Newborn Photography

The moment your baby arrived your life changed. The joy you’re feeling today is like no other. The rush of loving emotion in the first days and weeks after the arrival of your newborn is an unforgettable time in your life. This could be your first, and your emotions are running from fear and trepidation