Behind The Scenes at a Verve Photography Studio

Behind the scenes with Verve Portraits

Come behind the scenes with Verve Portraits. Nestled on a big cosy couch, the family gathers to listen to the photographer, getting ready for the experience before them to unfold. Excited and prepared, the session is starting and the memories are about to begin…

We want to take you behind the door of our studios, to give you a glimpse into what a Verve portrait session looks like. The experience, from first booking to receiving your artwork, the process is completely tailored from end to end. How does it all begin? Well, we’re so glad you asked…

Before you come in.

Before you even enter the studio at Verve, we want to make sure you are feeling excited and ready for what’s to come. This means we will touch base with you prior to your session, getting to know you a little better. In this way, we can truly personalise everything to suit the needs of you and your loved ones. It’s our speciality to never do things the same way. Each and every guest that comes to Verve receives a completely bespoke photography experience, that is unique to them.

This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and chat with our gorgeous team.  These guys know all of the ins and outs of what makes a portrait session truly great! From props to behind the scenes questions like what to wear, you can ask us anything!  We’ll chat through what you need to bring, to setup of the rooms and decor coordinating, we’ll have you covered in every way!

Behind the scenes with our studios (what makes them so special)

Decked out like a warm hug, our studios are welcoming and luxe spaces.  Each studio has been carefully curated and designed to ensure a stunning experience for you.

Comfortable, stylish and personalised, our high-end photography studios are prepped before each and every portrait session. This ensures things are set to exactly your unique style and needs.

Our studios are set up with start-of-the art-equipment, professional studio lighting and the finest technology. We will also be playing music softly in the background to help set the mood. Feel like your children might be a little shy or stand-offish with a new person? Let us know their favourite music or song, and we can play it for them, to help them feel right at home.

Who you’re bringing along and why.

We have families of all different kinds come along book in for sessions with us, even individual shoots, couples and pets! We will often have families booking without every family member wanting to take part… But we’re here to encourage you to join in on some of the photos too!

Often, the most special thing about these sessions is the quality time together and memories made. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, or maybe if you’re not feeling your very best, we promise you this is very common. However, joining in on the portrait session, is something you absolutely won’t regret. Having every family member together and in the images makes it all the more special. Therefore, we would love to encourage you to join in yourself! Despite perhaps feeling a little unsure. You will truly be in the very safest of hands with our dream team of professionals. They will help and guide you to look and feel your best, when you reflect back on the memories made this day. Those images may even just become something you treasure more than you ever imagined…

Beginning your session.

Before your session begins, you will be welcomed into our studio by our wonderful Verve studio manager and introduced to your photographer. The photographer will show you through our luxurious studio space, and to your personal space for your portrait session.

They will run you through how the session will work, and this will also be your chance to discuss the outfits you have brought. (If you have brought a few outfit options for your children as well, this is the perfect opportunity to show these to the photographer). Each of our team have a brilliant artistic eye, and they will be able to assist you in coordinating the perfect outfit.  Each and evert family member will be feeling fab!

Behind the scenes with your photographer and you.

You will then be guided through the session, art-directed by your photographer. It is an intimate session with just those you have brought along. Alternatively, if you’re in for an individual session it’s just yourself and your photographer!

Each of our creatives are highly experienced, technically trained professionals. When it comes to taking gorgeous and memorable images of you and your family, they are the best of the best. They are also those who know exactly how to relate to all kinds of people. If you’re feeling shy or a little nervous about the session, it’s totally normal! Our photographers will be right there with you to help you calm those nerves and feel totally confident.

Before you know it, you’ll be forgetting the cameras are even there. You’ll be in a welcoming and family-friendly studio space where you can just laugh together. Who knows? You may even have fun, and maybe even pull a silly face or two, and that’s just whilst you’re get warmed up!

Behind the scenes during your portrait session. The experience.

Your session will run for 90 minutes in total, which includes approximately 60 minutes of shooting time. This also includes any clothing changes or breaks throughout. At all of our Verve studios, we have wonderful change room facilities and parent bathrooms if needed, as well as coffee machines, tea or even champagne, if the occasion calls for it!

Whilst ninety minutes may seem like a long time to capture a ‘few good photos’, we liken the experience to a wedding day. Your photographer on your wedding day may be shooting for even up to 10 hours!  They are busy capturing footage constantly of all of the beautiful moments experienced throughout. This will result in hundreds of stunning images. Twenty or thirty outstanding photographs that will become favourites to hang on the wall, etc.

Our Verve photographers don’t need ten hours of course. However, one full hour of shooting allows us to capture a gallery full of stunning shots you will fall in love with. It’s not just about taking ‘nice’ photos, but capturing those ‘wow’ moments, that you want to look at over and over. We want to make those images you want to put up on your wall. That’s the kind of quality we want to create for you, and this takes about an hour to do properly.


After your session, you will be given a tour of our gorgeous Verve studios. We have photography studios right across the East coast of Australia, in NSW, QLD and VIC. Our studios feature our beautiful custom-made Australian artworks on the walls! This tour will give you the chance to delve a little deeper, and take a look at what artworks you may like to receive for your own home. You can also take note of our framing and styles to see what will best suit your own home decor.

Your photographer will let you know what your options are at this point of the process. They will also share their insights into what will suit your style of portraiture they have captured. You will also be guided as to what different styles and timbers our frames can be customised with.

Behind the scenes in your design consultation

After your gallery and studio tour, you will be invited back to Verve for your design consultation! We find that this is often everyone’s favourite part of the process, as this is when you are able to come back and view your entire reel of images from your portrait session!

You will come into our design room, sit back and relax on our comfy couches and enjoy as you are presented with your beautiful show, and you can also begin to choose any and all of your favourite imagery to turn into artworks!

You will come out with a smile on your face, memories made and your artwork being created and delivered to look forward too! (a process that ordinarily takes between 4-6 weeks, depending on your location and number of artworks, etc). All of the gorgeous photography above, is from one of our family portrait sessions with the beautiful Quinn Girls family.

Thank you for coming along on this behind the scenes journey with us, as we showcase what a Verve Portraits photography experience is all about!

We have curated this entire experience from start to finish to be one that is completely tailored to the individual, and their families needs. However, although we may try and explain it, these are sessions that are meant to be experienced and felt. We look forward to you coming in and experiencing our ‘Verve family photography sessions’ for yourself!

See you soon x

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