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Making certain memories in uncertain times


A photograph is a return ticket, to a moment otherwise gone’

-Katie Thurmes

We all know that this last year has certainly presented us with some of the most unprecedented moments we have all ever experienced. For so many, and right across the world-this last 12 months has meant challenges like never before. However, despite the huge and difficult trials of 2020, what it has brought to the forefront, is what is truly important in our lives.

It’s no longer just living that 9-5 life (or 8-6 more like it!), cramming our schedules with everything and anything, in a futile attempt to ‘keep-up’ with the hectic daily life we once all took and accepted as very much the norm.

What the challenges of 2020 have truly taught us, is that the only thing that really matters, is family. The love of others and of ourselves. Friendships and connection. These are the only lasting things, and what we now treasure above all else.

The power of a photograph.

Photographs help us to properly embrace and capture the meaning of these truly important life pillars, to cherish them in the way they should be cherished. A family photograph has the power to draw moments and memories from days gone by, of people loved and lost. During the difficult or challenging times, a photograph can extract emotion, feelings and even transport you to a completely different time or place.

‘Photographs play an important role in everyone’s life – they connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. They can help us to know who we are. Photographs are a tangible link to the past.’
(Source- Find and connect)

At Verve, we want to help you in embracing that meaning of family, connecting your present to your future by capturing the moments you are experiencing right now, and turning them into priceless keepsakes. Keepsakes that can be passed on through generations, allowing us to continue treasuring the one thing that really matters to us all.

Creating lasting memories.

With an environment around us that is ever-changing, it is so positive to create memories that will never change, and that will last the test of time. In the instability of this new era, we want to give families an experience that they can reality cherish and hold on to, no matter what life may bring their way.

Our family portrait sessions are filled with love, laughter, and most importantly they are a chance to gather everyone together and spend quality time in each other’s presence. 90 whole minutes to yourselves where phones are put away, distractions and daily life are momentarily forgotten, and it’s just you and them- getting to know each other in a new way, and giving each other your wholehearted and present attention. After all, is there anything more valuable you can give, than your very own time?

Capturing moments that selfies cannot.

As you go back through your images captured from over the years, you will find that there is often one person missing from family photos. As there is always someone who needs to be standing behind the camera, taking the image themselves. (Of course, that is unless you are using a self-timer!)

And whilst we are certainly not opposed to the infamous selfie shots, when it comes to the family images to treasure for years to come, the ones used to be displayed on your walls…An image of the entire family together, not featuring Mums elbows, a fuzzy finger partially covering the lens, or someone not looking at the camera, is definitely preferable!

A Verve portrait session allows you to all come together and not simply rush to be in-the-shot as the self-timer counts down from 10…But to truly have authentic and genuine family moments together, that are photographed by a consummate professional.

We customise every shoot to the preferences and personalities of every family that comes through our doors, making it our mission to document and capture the truth behind the people. To go to the next level that a selfie simply cannot, harnessing years and years of photographic and artistic experience to truly bring images of your family to life.

With no-one missing out and every family member together in the frames, we promise you when you are looking back once they are older and in years to come…it is something you will certainly never regret.

You will receive from your session a reel of images that you are not only extremely proud to hang on your wall, but that truly immortalise the individuals within your family, speaking of who they truly are, and letting their personalities shine.

A great excuse to come together.

Gathering the family together during these times can prove to be somewhat difficult. With border closures, changing environmental factors due to Covid 19 and the uncertainty of what’s to come. Having a future plan and reason to gather everyone together can be such a beautiful thing for everyone to look forward to. All the more reason to make the most of these finite moments, and take hold of what is right in front of us.

As time and life itself continues to move ever forward, photographs depict special moments in time, allowing us to return to them whenever we choose. So right now, in this moment, make the most of the time you do have together. The precious nature of family and creating lasting memories is something you will always cherish and remember.

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