Verve Portrait’s creative talents raise funds for The Kids Foundation

Verve Portrait’s creative talents raise funds for The Kids Foundation

What do you do when you’re the leading brand in photographic portraiture and want to showcase your staff’s talent to support a great cause? Why, you create your very own annual art exhibition of course, with every piece on display created and donated by your talented team, up for auction. And so on the 1st of February, comes the third annual Vivid Exhibition, where Verve Portraits becomes a gallery unto itself, the walls filled with amazing pieces created by the staff, with 100% of proceeds going directly to the KIDS Foundation.


Each year the Verve Portraits staff put their heart into volunteering their time outside of work hours to create original pieces of artwork based on a given theme. This years theme: Tin. The Verve Portraits photographers always love to get creative in the studio with the families and furry friends they capture, and Vivid is an opportunity that brings out even more creativity, not just from our photographers, but all staff, from management all the way to our production and administration teams.

And there certainly is a buzz in the office and studios. After the resounding success of the previous year, and the impressive pieces on show, everyone’s creative juices are flowing. And this year the staff have more freedom than ever. Previously submissions for Vivid focused on photography. Not so for 2017. This year Creative Director, Neil Cash, has opened the gates of possibility to include all forms of artwork. The ideas are endless!


While the submissions are top secret before the big night, there’ve been whispers down the hallway at Head Office of body art, live installations, and a hell of a lot of silver paint. Who knows what we might see?

One man who gets to see the artwork prior to the unveiling is Production Manager, Luke Evans, whose lips remain sealed but did provide this teasing tidbit, “There’s definitely a diverse range of art coming in from our amazing team all around Australia. From screen printing to jewellery and metal work. Anything you can think of. There’s sculptures in all different mediums, photography, painting, drawing, digital art. It’s going to be amazing.


And it’s all for a very important cause. Founded by Susie O’Neill in 1993, the KIDS Foundation offers physical and psychological support to families whose children have sustained life-changing injuries, caring for burns survivors, children who’ve lost limbs in car accidents and those traumatised by dog attacks. By establishing rehabilitation centres, running an Injury Recovery Program and visiting preschools to educate children about safety that can prevent accidents and injuries from occurring, the KIDS Foundation team works tirelessly to prevent injuries and to improve the quality of life for those who have been affected by serious injuries.

To show their support, Verve’s photographers and staff go above and beyond in creating original pieces of art, in hot anticipation of this unique event. Friends and family are all invited and when the unveiling arrives, the bidding for the silent auction begins. As the night continues, the competition heats up as everyone continually outbids one another and evolves into a frenzy in the final moments, demonstrating the team’s passion for the amazing pieces and contributing again to the amazing cause.

Last year we raised over seven thousand dollars for the KIDS Foundation and if the quality of the artwork already submitted is anything to go by, we’re expecting to top that this year. Are we going to see a silver snake or is the Tin Man going to come looking for a heart? If so, our team will have plenty on display to share. One thing’s for sure, the experience will be vivid for all.

What does this years Vivid collection bring? You’ll just have to wait and see!

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Written by: Kendall Osbourne

One of last year’s fundraising submissions. The theme: Avant Garden!