Duality: An Art Experiment – That’s A Wrap!

A little while ago, we featured a very exciting exhibition – Duality: An Art Experiment – on our Verve blog. If you missed the piece, you can still access it here.

The exhibition took place on 23rd/24th October at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne to an overwhelmingly positive response. Many of our Verve staff members were in attendance to marvel at the stunning pieces on display, including pieces by our own Verve staff: Stuart Kennie, Kashka Rae, Neil Cash, Becca Kereopa and good friend of Verve: Glenn Mossop.

We caught up with Shannyn Higgins, event director, to discuss her post-exhibition reflections…

Shannyn, what an amazing success – you must be delighted! How did the people of Melbourne respond to Duality?

There was such a positive response to the Melbourne show, both in relation to the concept and the work itself, which is fantastic. The writers were blown away with how the visual artists interpreted the words; the room was a buzz of great conversations regarding narrative.

What has creating this exhibition taught you about the relationship between narrative and individuality?

The writers and artists had completely free reign over the words and visual art they produced, so it’s taught me that each city definitely has a distinct style. Based off the conversations I had during the event, the writers and artists really propelled the work in such different directions that they were fascinated to learn who they were paired with and what thoughts were had on each other’s vision.

Despite having now completed this experiment with 100 writers and visual artists, I’m still perplexed – I’m absolutely no closer to understanding the relationship between individuality and narrative…and I’m quite content with that!

You first launched this experiment in Vancouver, Canada in 2014 and then moved on to Melbourne as your second stop.  Where next?

I would love to continue exploring narrative and take Duality to more cities around the world, including: Berlin, Instanbul, Portland and San Paulo. It’s such a fun and rewarding project and, despite the months of hard work, I’m still so passionate about exploring this concept.  The most logical step is for me to keep experimenting with this body of work and I can’t wait to see what Duality will produce next.

Can people still purchase the amazing ‘takeaway’ book from the exhibition?

Absolutely!  Melbourne Duality books are still available for purchase on the Duality website. The book is a take-away collection of all elements of the show: words, art and photographs.  It includes 25 bonus colour art prints that can be removed from the cover and framed.

Written by: Laura Jones