5 reasons why branding images are vital for your business

5 reasons why branding images are vital for your business

In this digital age, businesses are competing harder than ever before to stand out in the crowd.

The sheer number of small to medium businesses in Australia is huge – more than two million startups and expanding companies are striving each day to win over potential customers.

And the best way to cut through the noise of the multimedia messaging that Australians receive each day is to have solid, consistent branding and the branding images used have a big effect on this. Here’s 5 reasons why they are so important.


At its core, branding is all about getting noticed and building a solid reputation. Most experts agree that branding is a two-fold exercise; firstly, there’s the visual component. This relates to your business logo, your website, professional photos of your staff, products, services, your events or workplace.

And secondly, there’s the emotional connection; how people feel when they see your product, your shopfront or a clip on Instagram showcasing your services.

Lachlan Young, Director of Melbourne-based graphic design studio 3sidedsquare, says the trick to standing out is to do something different to your competitors.

“Creating something that is memorable and that reflects the brand’s personality is key to creating a strong brand,” he said. “A strong brand needs to start with a unique concept that stands out in the market.”


Before rushing off to try to find customers, you need to identify who they are. If your business branding is on target, chances are they’ll find you.

For instance, if you have a children’s fashion startup, you’ll most likely opt for bright colours and imagery and a playful font throughout all your branding and communications.

However, if you run an accounting firm and you want to attract blue-chip, high-earning clients, you may choose blue and grey tones for your logo, website and social media; and you will probably opt for more serious corporate headshot and attire for you and your staff when having professional photos taken.

CEO and Co-founder of Verve Portraits Holly McErvale, says ‘corporate headshots are the key to building your online brand and are critical in creating connections and ensuring the best first impression’ . ‘That’s why we’ve redefined the corporate headshot! Consideration is given to your unique brand, your personal message, your ‘why’.

We are leaders in our field for a reason. Our Verve Portrait Image Branding is completely different. It’s creative. It’s collaborative. From the detailed research we conduct into your business and your current branding to the creative brief we write for you, we entirely tailor the experience to you and your needs’.  Verve Image Branding caters to everyone from dancers, florists, architects to financial executives!


Customers will return to you time and time again if they like and trust you. A solid branding strategy makes customers feel as though they know you – it’s this sense of familiarity and comfort that makes the decision to choose your business so easy.

Of course, a professional business makes a great impression. But by ensuring all the ways that a customer can interact with your business share consistent messaging – from the colours you use, profile and stock or service images, right through to the tone of your communications through your website, social channels, e-newsletters or advertising – you’ll also increase the likelihood of valuable referral business.

Young says you need to keep it tight in order to build a great brand.

“Branding is more than typography or a brand mark – it’s how the concept carries across all types of collateral including print, social and web,” he said.

“First impressions are more important than ever and if people can see consistency through design execution across the board it helps build confidence in that business.”


Any business is only the sum of its parts. By working with a high-calibre team you’ll get some pretty amazing results.

Incredible staff can sometimes be hard to find, but by building up a great brand that has authenticity, strength and trust in the marketplace you’re automatically making it less laborious – great people will want to work with you.

Creating a team of highly experienced, skilled staff who share your passion for the business and work hard to build your brand will allow to you scale up, expand and conquer the world.

A solid brand will also inspire your existing employees and create a strong sense of vocational pride – sometimes there’s no better marketing technique than word of mouth from happy employees.



Being a leader in the market with a loyal and consistent customer base is hugely attractive to potential investors.

A steadfast brand with a great reputation is far more likely to secure additional investors when the time is right to expand or diversify your business. An injection of funds at the right moment could mean the chance to open more offices, expand your team, launch new product lines or perhaps break into overseas markets.

Verve Portraits can help you to create a killer brand through our bespoke corporate branding photography. Learn more.


Written by: Cathy Anderson

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