How to find time for connection with a busy lifestyle

How-to find time for connection with a busy lifestyle. SDM Interiors Founder and Creative Director Samantha Del Monte boasts 14 years of experience within the real estate and design industry. Her extensive portfolio across renovation, interior design and styling has equipped her with a diverse skill set.  She has also gained invaluable insights into the

The true love story of Valentine’s Day

  True love story of Valentine’s Day. Several stories speculate Valentine’s exact origin. It is believed that the etymology of ‘Valentine’ stems from a priest in the third century AD. He was eventually martyred by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. Claudius II, the ruling emperor of the time, had placed a total and complete ban on

Behind the images with Luca Prodigo

Come on a journey with us, as we lift the curtain of the dark room and go behind the images with photographer Luca Prodigo. In this interview we go deep to find out the story behind the portraits. Learning more about the person who photographs them. Luca is a beloved photographer at Verve, who has

Making certain memories in uncertain times

  ‘A photograph is a return ticket, to a moment otherwise gone’ -Katie Thurmes We all know that this last year has certainly presented us with some of the most unprecedented moments we have all ever experienced. For so many, and right across the world-this last 12 months has meant challenges like never before. However,

Behind the scenes with Verve Portraits

Come behind the scenes with Verve Portraits. Nestled on a big cosy couch, the family gathers to listen to the photographer, getting ready for the experience before them to unfold. Excited and prepared, the session is starting and the memories are about to begin… We want to take you behind the door of our studios,